CRM & Marketing Automation Expertise

DEVENSON is a Platinum Cloud Alliance Partner of Salesforce. We specialise in providing consulting and implementation services for Salesforce CRM and business applications to organiszations of varying sizes and multiple industrial sectors. To date, DEVENSON has been offering their services to over 160 customers.

Additionally, DEVENSON is the first Pardot Partner in France, and provides consulting and support to clients by implementing marketing automation solutions such as : Pardot.

  • Analysis of business processes and challenges
  • Understanding our customer’s needs
  • Identification of performance drivers
  • Adoption plan & Change Management

Our team successfully manage, implemented and delivered even the most complex projects within national and multi-national companies. Such experience enables DEVENSON’s team to better understand our customer’s needs and ensure this is translated into carefully planned and executed project deliverables.

Salesforce CRM Benefits

With the correct CRM solution, you will be able to integrate the whole Customer Relationship aspects, from the opportunity monitoring to the relation between your staff and your clients, from the live training sessions to the access to sales information, precise and updated, to your Business Intelligence, which permits to easily manage your marketing activities.

Customer loyalty is the key to increase a sustainable growth in mature markets and reduce inefficiency costs in every market. An efficient CRM solution automates critical business processes in order to enable an easy way to analyze interaction between the company and its customers.

With such a clear picture of your customer relations, you would be able to increase your competitiveness, thanks to a better understanding of customer needs, individual or global. This advanced technology enables to develop customized services fitting to your customer needs.

Designed & deployed by DEVENSON, your Salesforce CRM solution will help you to reduce your costs and increase both customer loyalty and sales.

CRM for SMEs and large enterprise accounts

A CRM is no longer a competitive advantage reserved solely for multinationals. Home-office employees with multi-site activities and the coordination of dispersed sales teams are cases faced not only by large organizations but also SMEs.

With the same needs as large multinationals but without the ressources, small and medium enterprises did not have access to the same technologies as their larger competitors – until now. SaaS offerings enable small businesses to benefit from solutions that offer the same power as those of larger firms, the same scalability and much more.

Our approach

Advanced Business Intelligence

With the adapted tool, you can benefit from your relations already existing customers in order to obtain Business Intelligence datas, which enables you to create more targeted and efficient marketing actions.

Centralized Processes

Thanks to centralized datas and the automation of default processes, DEVENSON’s CRM solutions permit to increase the capacity of a company to use customer details, sustain its growth, keep customers loyal, reduce their costs and rationalize productivity.

With an unique solution for all datas regarding your customers, Salesforce CRM and DEVENSON’s solutions enable companies to easily identify and classify Customer Relationship priorities. Our tools allow companies to choose the most efficient strategy, anytime, and to set up the right actions at the convenient time.


Customer satisfaction & Costs reduction

Advanced business intelligence solutions and consistant customer datas enable a company to correctly meet the needs of its clients, to increase quickly customer satisfaction and to avoid duplicated datas and functions.