Dreamforce 2017 I Reviews of the best moments

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Welcome to Dreamforce — the largest gathering of Trailblazers from around the world !

DEVENSON, VISEO Group, official sponsor of the French Delegation to accompany more than 2000 Salesforce customers at #Dreamforce2017, the annual gathering of the entire Salesforce community in San Francisco. Discover our report of the event 2017. 

Dreamforce has once again gathered around 170 000 people in San Francisco, that came specially for the event. Every year, since 2003, worldwide Trailblazers gather at Dreamforce for 4 days of innovation, inspiration and meetings at the biggest software conference in the world. Every year the president and general director Marc Benioff share his vision of Salesforce future and announce the key innovations of the customer success platform. #inspiration #entertainment and #education were the main keywords of the keynote this year.

Let’s go back on the 4 best moments of the first day of Dreamforce

1. Marc Benioff’s Keynote “We are All Trailblazers: Customer Success in the Fourth Industrial Revolution”



After an Hawaiian blessing and a hula dance for the lunch of Dreamforce 17, Marc Benioff went on stage to start is well expected speech. The main message of Marc during this keynote was «Everyone has the power to be a Trailblazer and make the world a better place»


2. Growth of the Salesforce Economy
According to IDC, Salesforce and its customers & partners ecosystem will create 3,3 million of jobs and will generate about 859 billion of dollars by 2022.
3. The 4th industrial revolution
Another big theme of the Keynote was the fourth industrial revolution. The world is experiencing a wave of innovations and technologies that are completely changing our economies, societies and our everyday life. Technologies such as artificial intelligence, robotics and Internet of Things are drastically changing the user experience. This means that a lot of things are happening quickly.

Marc Benioff also announced the launch of new services to ease the use of AI and the personalization of applications build on Salesforce.  «A Smarter, More Personalized Customer Success Platform Empowers Trailblazers»


With myEnstein, it is now possible to create AI applications based on Einstein predictions (lunch last year) with Einstein Prediction builder. You can also find Einstein Bots, a platform to develop conversational agents.

The Einstein Bots platform and the tool of predictive models Einstein Prediction Builder are currently on the pilot phase and should be officially deployed by Summer 2018.


With MyIoT, each customer can collect data from connected tools, start actions with rules in real time and user Salesforce to interact with the customer in a proactive way. IoT Explorer a new platform service, available for Salesforce clients (starting at the Enterprise version)


MySalesforce allows administrators but also users to create and deploy mobile apps on App Store and Google Play. The idea is to help brands develop basic but personalized apps with necessary needing developers.


Salesforce extends the Trailhead power to its Trailblazers customers. myTrailhead allows the personalization of the learning Trailhead environment with the introduction of content form the company with its own identical identity.


2 years ago, Salesforce was launching Salesforce Lightning, a framework based on components for app developers and a reinvented user experience. By launching Lighting and rethinking the business process, the lighting customers increased their productivity and collaboration by 40%. myLightning takes Lightning to a new level in order to allows companies to quickly and easily create applications and experiences of personalized brand at a large scales.


4. Announcing Salesforce and Google Strategic Partnership
Finally, Marc Benioff unleash a new strategic partnership with Google in order to offer customers smarter and more collaborative experiences. This partnership will offer new integration linking Salesforce to Google Analytics 360 and the G Suite. Discover the details of the partnership between Salesforce and Google here.

Let’s go back on the best moments of the second day of Dreamforce

1. Interview with Michelle Obama 

The second day started early with millions of people waiting to enter the Moscone Center and listen the ex-First Lady Michelle Obama. Here are some tweets shared during the event :

Michele Obama about equality at @Dreamforce:

“Being comfortable using your voice needs practicing it young. Boys AND girls, the same way! “

“Women, we have to put ourselves higher on our priority list!”

“Children are the center of my platform because they inspire me.” @girlscouts 


2. Dreamfest

#Dreamfest ? It is THE unforgettable Dreamforce Party, it happened at the AT&T Stadium of San Francisco. Dreamfest is one of the funniest and most inspiring night of Dreamforce. This year it was hosting Lenny Kravitz and Alicia Keys!  2017-11-08-PHOTO-00000292

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Finally, here is a recap of the 3rd day Dreamforce

“Inspiration” et “Innovation”

1. Sales Cloud Keynote 

Salesforce presented Sales Cloud Einstein Forescasting, a major innovation for better capabilities on sales forecasting. Sales Cloud Einstein Forescasting brings AI to every step of the sales process, from the pipeline creation to the sales development. Thanks to Einstein Forecasting, the sales managers will benefit from the visibility and intels necessary to each steps of the sales process and predics their revenue with more accuracy.

Salesforce Einstein is celebrating its first birthday and delivers everyday more than 475 millions predictions fueled by AI!


2. Keynote Commerce Cloud: Jeff Barnett & and the feedbacks of our client LVMH, Berluti !

The main elements of this Keynote “Transforming Shopping In The Age Of AI & Mobility” :

– A 360° degree view of the customers’ accounts with a buying experience of exception and an integration of the Marketing Cloud, Commerce Cloud and Service Cloud solutions.

– Best customer journey on the Salesforce number one platform with the upcoming integration roadmap with Service Cloud.

-Einstein AI gives personnalised recommendations that broaden the buying experience of the customers.

– Mobile & AI changes the buying experience and allows the users and customers to discover the variety of the brand.




Keynote BtoB Marketing “The Age of Intelligent Marketing” – Connecting Marketing and Sales with an AI-Powered Platform > Salesforce Pardot + Sales Cloud + Salesforce Engage + Marketing Analytics = Customer Success !!!