Marketing Automation

By 17 August 2015CRM, UK

What is Marketing Automation ?

Marketing Automation is a technology enabling companies to structure, automate, and manage their marketing campaigns. It is also possible to target and measure different actions in order to increase their efficiency and facilitate growth.

This technology also permits :

  • to generate new prospects
  • to segment a prospect / customer database
  • to evaluate the prospect’s maturation level
  • to increase customer satisfaction
  • an integration with the company’s CRM
  • Social Marketing
  • Measure ROI on each marketing campaign

Marketing Automation is usually used by both large & small businesses. By the way, Small and Medium businesses represent the largest growth on the marketing automation market. If in a first time, early adopters were High-Tech companies and Software Editors, now all activities are involved in this digital transition.


Pardot Marketing Automation

Salesforce friendly Marketing Automation Solution

There’s a lot of Marketing Automation solutions. How to choose one ? The first thing you should have in mind when you decide to pick up one of them is the compatibility with your CRM. If you are using Salesforce, we strongly recommend you Pardot , as it has been powered by the company in order to be Salesforce friendly.

Besides, Pardot integration with Salesforce provides a complete historical regarding interactions between your company and your prospects, sent emails, downloaded documents… thanks to data-mining.

This integrated solution will provide you the ability to understand and correctly meet the needs of your customers through targeted campaigns. Marketing Automation also permits to evaluate leads by taking into account demographical and comportemental criteria, which could be useful to analyze, always for a better understanding of customer needs.

Thanks to this evaluation, sales teams will have a better overview of their clients and will be able to focus efforts on highly rated leads in order to meet their needs at the right time, with the perfect argumentation.

How to implement Pardot ?

DEVENSON, certified First Pardot Select Partner in France, helps customers in their marketing automation implementation. Our highly qualified experts will teach you the best practices in the evolution of your marketing strategy :

  • Combine Sales & Marketing : forward to your CRM select prospects with higher potential. Keep your sales teams aware, in real-time, of prospects activity, in order to conclude deals quickly.
  • Generate new prospects : increase your efficiency with automated marketing processes and Lead Scoring, then send a constant flow of qualified prospects to your sales team.
  • Improve your efficiency with the ROI analysis and measurement : use reports & dashboards for your marketing campaigns.

Need some help in the implementation of your Marketing Automation Solution ?

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