DEVENSON is a member of GEPA, Groupement des Entreprises du Pays d’Aix. GEPA’s commitment is to work with businesses in the area, with a representative role of the defense of their interests and their information on all that, in a particularly challenging environment, allowing them to remain competitive.
Through the “ Power of Us” program and thanks to DEVENSON skills, GEPA has indeed recently acquired the Salesforce CRM tool. We hope this solution helps every day to more effective management of its members and an ever more fluid communication between its members.

The European Centre of Enterprise and Innovation is a major player in the PACA Regional Innovation Network. Located on the Mediterranean Europôle of Arbois, a technopolis dedicated to sustainable development and the environmental cause.

DEVENSON joined the Arbois Technology Center in November 2011, and settled in the CEEI building in order to benefit from support in the early stages of its development.

The Arbois-Méditerranée environment Technopolis was created by the Bouches-du-Rhône Conseil Général (County Council) in 1991, promoting hosting businesses, research units and academic departments specializing in environmental issues. Key figures for the Technopolis…

– 8 research laboratories,
– 25 start-up companies,
– 46 companies and various organizations,
– Nearly 600 people.

With the fast growth of its business and the recently developed skills, the management team decided to stay there for the strong attractiveness potential and a particularly favorable working environment. The team is currently located within the competitiveness hotel, Henri Poincaré building, opened in March 2012 and welcoming clusters today, the regional innovation center as well as companies supporting the environmental cause and innovative companies out of incubator.