A better way to manage customer details

Eight Advisory is a firm specialized in consulting and financial audit, founded in 2009 by 8 associates. The firm adopts since the beginning an unique positioning on the consulting market : combining financial and operational expertises. Proud of 19 years of expertise in this sector, those associates are recognized by the whole market in their capacity to conduct managers, shareholders, potential investors, banks… in their decision making in terms of transactions, restructuring, and operational performance improvements.

Context & Goals

Founders of Eight Advisory understood the necessity of setting up a performing CRM tool in order to improve their effiency an to rationalize their marketing actions. Their team used to work with Excel documents and a Outlook basis to manage their contacts. Salesforce.com (Enterprise Edition) was part of the potential solutions considered by Eight Advisory and they intended to work with DEVENSON, Salesforce.com official partner, to accompany them in the CRM implementation.

Selected approach

Salesforce CRM had to become the privileged tool of the whole team of Eight Advisory, Associates and co-workers, which represented 50 users in the defined perimeter. DEVENSON’s action plan was to offer a better access to customer details, particularly in a mobility situation, to allow a better files monitoring, to eliminate time waste on tasks which are not directly linked to business and to permit piloting marketing actions.


The set up of a CRM permitted to Eight Advisory to work on a qualified contact basis, with an access shared to users allowing a collaborative and more efficient work.
Now, thanks to Salesforce CRM, the marketing team is able to set up daily targeted campaigns and measure the ROI (return on investment) of each marketing action.


guimetWe are using everyday the CRM for our marketing campaigns. DEVENSON intervened since the beginning of the project to implement the system and create a simple interface adapted to our business of service. We particularly appreciated the reactivity and ingenuity of our interlocutor who successfully understood our problematics, provided solutions and trained our collaborators in several positions.
Still today, thanks to a follow-up contract, we are appealing to DEVENSON for other improvements. After one year of using, we can notice that this tool is a success mostly due to the quality of DEVENSON’s staff.guimet1

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