Nextia adopts the SoFacto solution to manage facturation and payment

Created in 2010 with the strong desire to help companies in their development, Nextia is now a powerful web & digital communication agency. Located in the Paris-area and in Aix-en-Provence, Nextia’s staff advises small companies as well as biggest accounts in their marketing operations with a pragmatical view and a significative efficiency.

Needs & Goals

Pilot easily and efficiently invoicing and payment in Salesforce CRM.

  • Management of the invoicing process
  • Live Dashboards
  • Monitoring actions and customer dunning notices
  • Integration with Salesforce CRM


SoFacto rationalises invoicing by using the information available in Salesforce CRM. No more need to retype or to import again customer information. The invoice creation is directly made from the opportunity section and can be sent per email to the client from the Salesforce CRM platform : a real benefit in terms of time saving. With SoFacto, sales administration tasks become lighter and the payment delays are shorter. The application provides a real time monitoring thanks to dashboards and permit to start the necessary actions such as running dunning notices, always from Salesforce CRM.


The monitoring indicators permit to Nextia’s co-founders to manage in real time the status of invoices and to start the dunning notices process quickly. The global management of the sales process contributes to have a better view of cash flows. Besides, the 360° view of the client and the inter-services collaboration are reinforced.


guimetAvailability, advices and being a source of proposal. All those qualities permitted us to set up a solution that fit to both actual and future needs. Thanks to DEVENSON, Nextia owns a very strong CRM with a reliable invoice system linking Production team, Sales Team and client. guimet1 
Sales Director & Co-Founder, NEXTIA
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