Toray Films Europe is a subsidiary of the Japanese Group Toray Industries Inc. located in St Maurice de Beynost. Founded in 1929, Toray Films Europe leads the alimentary & industrial plastic films production market. Toray generates an annual revenue of 170M€ and employs 430 people.

For unified communication and customer approach

Toray has chosen to deploy a CRM solution allowing a better customer approach and also permitted to optimize the internal communication between both commercial and marketing team. The Salesforce CRM project had to cover those points :
   Customer & Prospect management,
   Segmentation management,
  Information sharing and exchanges monitoring,
   Product Catalog, offers and prices management,
   Opportunities and sales forecasts management.

Selected approach

Set up the Salesforce CRM solution with the QSA-10 version of the DEVENSON’s QuickStart Assist® methodology. The CRM deployment perimeter was defined with 30 users composed of sales, marketing, sales administration and financial profiles. In addition with the Sales Cloud initial implementation, the selected approach included the interfacing between Salesforce and TORAY’s ERP.
The Toray project team aspired to set up in an unique platform : opportunities and sales forecasts, customer and prospects management, marketing campaigns automation, the product catalog, the pricing management as well as the offer management.


Within 6 months, Salesforce CRM has been adopted by all users and is considered as the ideal sales tool, perfectly adapted to their needs. The sales team is now able to optimize the whole activity : from the prospect management to the sales closing, including the business analysis thanks to the management and performance indicators. We notice a real improvement in our business performances. Communication between the sales and marketing team has been improved with Sales Cloud and Toray takes advantage of this solution to develop their pipeline, manage and track their campaigns through different channels and improve their customer segmentation.

Salesforce CRM and Chatter collaborative aspects particularly seduced their teams et permitted to fluidify information and improve internal communication and the project was a real team building event. Toray has now a 360° view of their clients, allowing them to be proactive and always in the action.


guimetWith the help of Devenson we moved from Stone Age to XXI century after only 6 months of Salesforce use. We started from scratch and re-though our commercial & marketing process thanks to the expertise & work of Devenson’s consultants. After only 3 months of work around Salesforce platform (native and adapted functionalities), we made a go-live which was a great success. Our new well-built Salesforce CRM brings more efficiency and collaborative tools to the Sales team (now CRM & Chatter addicts!).
Key Devenson skills: very good listening capacity, willingness to understand concretely needs and to convert into reliable tool, proactivity, business experience & project followup. You are part of our success. Thanks.guimet1

Product & Marketing Manager
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