The Salesforce Commerce Cloud Academy by VISEO

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The Salesforce Commerce Cloud Academy launched in 2017 by VISEO 

The e-commerce market* continues to grow and is expected to exceed 80 billion euros in 2017 (+ 14% compared to 2016).

*E-commerce has further increased in the third quarter, in France, with a growth of 16.2% of its revenue, announced the Federation of the sector, which confirms its forecast of 80 billion euros spent in 2017. According to Marc Lolivier, General Delegate of the Fevad, by 2020 every second sale will be performed via mobile. In the first nine months of the year, mobile sales grew by 13.9%.

To meet this growing market demand in a context where skills are rare, VISEO launched the Salesforce Commerce Cloud Academy. A program to accelerate the Digital Commerce team’s skill improvement on Salesforce’s Commerce Cloud offering. The Salesforce Commerce Cloud Academy is fully aligned with the Salesforce business development strategy within the group.

In this context, VISEO aims to develop its Commerce Cloud expertise to become a key player in this booming market.

The principle of Salesforce Commerce Cloud Academy

The VISEO Salesforce Commerce Cloud Academy is the center of expertise for e-commerce and Salesforce Commerce Cloud solution. This incubator allows consultants to acquire all the skills and knowledge needed to quickly get started with the Salesforce Commerce Cloud solution, delivered by VISEO Digital Commerce Experts. This team of excellence, consisting of Junior Consultants on the product, is following a progressive and sequential training cycle both theoretical and practical.

A sequenced training cycle  

During the first two weeks following recruitment, a team of 3 to 4 consultants integrates the Salesforce Commerce Cloud training curriculum and follows the dedicated and sequenced program with e-learning, simulations and training sessions on the Salesforce environment.
During this cycle, the members of the team individually take a validation test. This first test conditions the start of the mission with a client. Finally, during this mission, a second training session is conducted, and the Salesforce Commerce Cloud certification test is taken.   

Progressive skills transfer

Once operational, the team follows a gradual process of transferring skills to the client, spread over several months. This approach consists in acquiring the necessary know-how from the experience and ensures the success of the Customer project.

In summary, VISEO’s Salesforce Commerce Cloud Academy focuses on 5 key dimensions:

1. The constitution of a dedicated team
2. The training of the team
3. Immersion of the team in a client project
4. Validation of the certification exam by each member of the team
5. Progressive transfer of skills to the client

We have implemented the VISEO Salesforce Commerce Cloud Academy to strengthen the group’s offering, enabling us to address the growing demand from our customers for the design and implementation of omni-channel solutions built on Salesforce Commerce Cloud, explains Sébastien Gasnier, Digital Commerce Director VISEO.